ぬかた体験村The accommodation in Okazaki city in Aichi Prefecture mountain experience

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●Baked ice(Custard coffee flavor)


The phantom menu grilled ice is said to have been served at a coffee shop in the Meiji era.

Currently, the recipe at that time is unfortunately not left, but please enjoy the original baked ice of Cafe Yuzugi by all means, please try to taste the nostalgic feeling!

If you want to know about the history of baked ice, please go to the link below! Down arrow

● Shaved ice of sensui ice(Yuzu milk)

Using the super soft water natural water "Sensui" in the local Kumita area, it is a very "mellow" shaved ice that is a little different from others.

Using pesticide-free yuzu and yuzu syrup taken directly on your own farm,
Espuma milk on top of the syrup is an exquisite matching shaved ice with ice maroy and fruit acidity and milk sweetness.
There are also strawberry milk and blueberry milk (1,300 yen each)!

2020The 2008 1998 Mono Experience Program has ended.

From the image of ↑ to the special page.
★ experience program where you can enjoy this month
And Okazaki おうはん bait do experience 1 cup 100 yen from time to time
And me making tea ¥ 1,500

3Aiko Sakuraki's kayo show was held on April 27th!

Bran had experience village map ☆ (see the numbers in the above map)
1 Cafe Citron tree (meal, souvenir)
2 Okazaki おうはん (chicken) fureai Park
3 Garden of yuzu (yuzu Hunt)
4 Okazaki tea (tea experience)
5. trials & events corner
6 car park



Original products
Okazaki city land area off Gold Certified
Citron(Paste, fruit juice and dried fruit)

Yuzu kosho

カフェ柚子木Throughout the year, we use ingredients fresh yuzu juice

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