2019Year September

Okazaki Shaved Ice Highway, I'm still doing until the end of September!!

It's September, but the heat is still severe. Many customers came to Cafe Yuzuki this year to eat shaved ice, and we would like to thank you again. * The store visit sticker is also popular and we are currently entering the fifth sheet. It is shaved ice, but it is served until the end of September, so please use it to survive the remaining heat. It is very late to introduce, but a new taste of shaved ice has been added from August. If you came before July, please try it! Fig milk shaved ice (limited to 50 meals) ¥1,300 Pear (Akizuki) shaved ice * yogurt mousse ¥1,000 Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.