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2020年11月13日 : 柚子狩り、柚子シロップ作り始まりました!


Also this year"大なごやツアーズ"さんがツアーを企画して頂いてます。
2020年11月2日 : Regional Appreciation Kayo Show‼️
10On March 31, a local appreciation song show was held outside the store and at an outdoor venue by Aiko Sakuraki, a singer from Kashiwa-gun.
As the full moon lit up the night book fantastically, Aiko Sakuraki's glossy singing voice echoed through the mountains.

From Showa Kayo to original songs, I was singed by the appearance of carefully delivering each song to the customer. I've been living with a single song for 27 years, and I wanted to continue to deliver Aiko's songs to people who love singing.

2020September 18, 2010 : Business days during consecutive holidays
9Open on July 19
20Day-to-day business
Open on the 21st
Open on the 22nd
Closed on the 23rd
4Because it is open all consecutive holidays, shaved ice of our shop🍧Please come and eat.

2020September 16, 2010 : I made gyoza pepper and it started.❗
9It has entered the moon, and recently it has become so cool that I feel cold in the morning and evening.
In the experience village here, yuzu pepper making has begun. The other day, everyone on the Dai-Nagoya tour participated in the green dumpling hunting and yuzu pepper making under the ingrained blue sky.
I'm sure you've got gyoza pepper that you'll be satisfied with.❗Thank you very much❗

2020August 10, 2010 : Live great success!
蜩 and Anna's outdoor live performances, which began with the sound of cheers ringing through the mountains, ended with a climax in the heat, dance and cheers of the excited audience. It was an outdoor live after thorough measures against corona infection, but thank you very much to the customers and performers who came to our store.