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2018In August, 7 pm : Holiday notice


2018年7月20日 : Okazaki Poker starts with the ice road!! 
It continues every day, boiling hot. More and more cool, come to kuragari Valley.
Kuragari Valley kuragari Highway along 7 stores, using water of nukata, shaved ice and produce"Okazaki Poker ice road"Start from tomorrow. Originality each store has shaved ice out.
Poker of Citron wood, ice, of course"Yuzu ice"
Refreshing in the hot summer, vitamin c can
"Yuzu ice"But good.〜! 
Poker to road, Masayoshi darkness come, to eat the ice!!

Yuzu ice 1000 yen
2018年6月23日 : Hydrangeas are beautiful!
Today one day was rainy, rainy season will be.
This beauty when the hydrangea will be healed. Sounds good〜Hydrangea.

2018March 24-day : Citron tree Ranch pictures

More humid, rainy season is approaching and feel these days.
It is this month's lunch. The day before we offer in reservations on weekdays only.
2018March 24-day : It started with yuzu citrus herbal tea!
Growing into may, sweaty days.
Herbal tea today is new menu of Cafe Citron tree, which will introduce!

Photo Citron blend organic grown in our home-made yuzu citron peel, use plenty of herbal teas.
It is herbal tea to poor circulation, insomnia, recommended ~

If you take a look in the pot and used a lot of yuzu Peel!
Is ¥ 550 generous 2 cups in the pot so to accompany lunch or tea time come available.

Herbal tea, yuzu citrus blend non-
Easy-to-drink tea to "Detox & Diet",
"Beauty" the fragrance of a rose because there are three drink to suit mood and physical condition what?