ぬかた体験村The accommodation in Okazaki city in Aichi Prefecture mountain experience

'' Hidden' ' Okazaki harvest experience 2018 second secondary recruitment begins!

Cost ¥ 9000 (owner of the Citron tree with [1-year])

Secondary offering of summer '' hidden' ' Okazaki harvest experience has started!
You can experience the following programs in the secondary offering.

★ 7/1 ~ tea and tea experience, compared to drinking green tea
★ 9 March-11 March
[Common] mushroom picking
[Select one below A.B plan]
[Plan A] with yuzu pepper
"Plan B" yuzu syrup
★ Citron tree owner rights (1-year)
Become the owner of yuzu 木丸 each one.
★ original "Poker ice" voucher giveaway

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Click here to sign up for "experience"hidden"Okazaki harvest 2018"

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* ↑ fly Palace Cape Park's application Web site.

Please check the link below, for more details ↓

* "Okazaki Poker ice road" 6 / 29 from the start!

★ cool grin heaven a mellow flavor.

Boasting the best mellow"Holy water"(View.) that bran had brand name spring water made the excellent Poker ice.

Bran was poker experience-Mura, on the ice this"Holy water"The use of ice and the original"Yuzu"In addition, using the syrupBlueberrythe抹茶theいちご, And you want to experience so anything else, seventh heaven, such as?

This superb Poker ice¥ 600The experience can be!

★ experience program where you can enjoy this month
And Okazaki ouhann pudding making experience pair 1,800 yen about 1 hour
And Okazaki おうはん bait do experience 1 cup 100 yen from time to time
And me making tea ¥ 1,500
-Mochi experience 1-2 kg ¥ 4,000 upon reservation

Bran had experience village map ☆ (see the numbers in the above map)
1 Cafe Citron tree (meal, souvenir)
2 Okazaki おうはん (chicken) fureai Park
3 Garden of yuzu (yuzu Hunt)
4 Okazaki tea (tea experience)
5. trials & events corner
6 car park



Original products
Okazaki city land area off Gold Certified
Citron(Paste, fruit juice and dried fruit)

Yuzu kosho

カフェ柚子木Throughout the year, we use ingredients fresh yuzu juice

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